The Homework Battle: How To Encourage Children To Do Their Homework

Encouraging your child to complete their homework can feel like a never-ending battle for many parents. It doesn’t have to be this way. With these handy homework tips, the daily struggle can become a thing of the past.

Create the perfect homework environment

There are so many distractions at home. What with noisy siblings, toys, screens, and even pets, it’s no wonder children find it hard to put all of their focus on homework.

  • Make sure the area where your child is doing their work is out of view of any screens and, if possible, out of earshot of them too.
  • Clear the table/desk of anything that can be fiddled with.
  • Have a healthy snack and plenty of water around to keep energy levels up. A healthy but delicious treat can also act as an incentive for your child; you could allow them to enjoy half of it after completing half of the homework, then the rest after so they have something to work towards.
  • If possible have your child do their work in a different room from where they play or sleep. This lets your child know that when they enter that room it is time for work and minimizes distractions.

Create a homework plan

Work together with your child to create a homework plan that works for you both.

Try to stick to a routine, completing the work at the same time each evening. This way, homework is never forgotten and your child knows they will get your full attention at this time in the day.

Read through the homework together so you both know exactly what needs to be done before starting. Break the task down into smaller more manageable chunks so that it does not seem so daunting (these breaks are the perfect time for a snack too). Once you have decided on the process you will be taking to complete the work, display this in a place that you and your child both have access to. You can then both be prepared for the work ahead.

Encourage your child to tick off completed ‘chunks’ of work so they can feel proud of what they have achieved and get that feeling of accomplishment.

Keep a positive attitude

As hard as it can be to keep positive in these sometimes high-tension situations, it is so important to keep a calm head. Children pick up on adult emotions so will feel the stress themselves and act out. Give your child plenty of praise and encouragement.

Homework is never going to be at the top of your child’s to-do list when they get home from school, but there are ways to make the experience as positive as possible.