Private Schooling Could Be More Affordable Than You Think

Thousands of local families have recently found out if their child has a place at their local state school of choice. Admissions days can be an anxious time for parents, as unfortunately not every child is successful in securing those exclusive spots. However, it is important to remember that September is still a relatively long way off, offering plenty of time to explore other options.

If the local authority is unable to offer a place at one of the schools you have applied for, they must offer a place at another school where there are places available. Priority will be given to those who most closely meet the school’s admission arrangements. It is possible to join a waiting list, but you still may not always be successful.

What do if you are not happy with your child’s state school place.

There is the option to appeal the decision, or you could look at other alternatives. More and more parents are now exploring the option of private education for their children, and with independent school pupils three times more likely to achieve the top grades than state school pupils, this is hardly surprising. Places for independent schools are not allocated in the same way as state and some may still have places available for September.

Private schooling could be more affordable than you think.

Many private schools offer financial aid towards the cost of the tuition fees. Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for some help towards school fees in the form of a bursary. Alternatively, there are usually finance options available that allow parents to spread the payment of fees through third party providers for very little additional cost.

Many schools will offer a multi-sibling discount, usually available for third or subsequent siblings, which helps to keep costs down for larger families.

Part-scholarships are also available at most independent schools for those joining at 11+ for pupils that show academic, sports, performing arts and musical talents.

Privately-Owned Independent Schools in Your Area

The Oak-Tree Group is made up of Braeside in Buckhurst Hill, Coopersale Hall in Epping, Normanhurst in North Chingford and Oaklands in Loughton. They all offer smaller, nurturing environments with a more personalised service and targeted support, each catering for between 200 and 300 pupils with average class sizes of between 12 and 18.

The Oak-Tree Group of schools aims to balance excellence with affordability. Delivering outstanding results with private school fees that are both competitive and excellent value for money.

The benefits that a private school provides are well worth the cost for many families, and people are often surprised about how possible private schooling can be once they know the facts.