The Benefits of a Virtual Open Event

It seems like at the moment the world has gone virtual, and schools are no exception.

Due to the current situation that we find ourselves in, schools are having to find alternative methods to give potential parents an insight into school life. The result: virtual open events. Of course, nothing quite competes with the experience of visiting a school in person, but attending a virtual event certainly has its benefits.

Convenient and time-effective

With online learning, work, day to day life and other activities filling up your week, having to plan a trip out to visit a school may be tough to fit in. A virtual open event cuts out the travel time, as you only have to log in when the event starts. You could even multi-task and have dinner or breakfast while you attend.

You can watch it again and again

Sometimes an open event can be a lot to take in, and by the time you get home, you have forgotten some vital information. A great feature of a virtual event is that you can watch them as many times as you like. Usually, after the main event, the school will upload a recording of the event for you to watch as many times as you need to.

Other family members can attend

There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up to attend a virtual open event. Why not ask the grandparents, the brothers and sisters and the friends to sign up as well so you can get a range of different opinions and ensure you don’t miss anything?

No-pressure backstage pass

Think of a virtual open event as a no-pressure backstage pass. You are able to see the day to day happening at the school, without the pressure of being there in person. Some pupils may find attending a physical open day quite intimidating, but a virtual event offers all the necessary information from the comfort of home.

Can attend from anywhere

If you live far away and are looking to move to the area where your potential school is, attending a real virtual open event may not even be possible. A virtual event allows you to attend no matter where you are in the world.

If you can’t attend

Even if you can’t attend a virtual open event due to other commitments, most events will offer the alternative to watch it another time. Some schools will host multiple events, so you can pick the one that best fits in with your schedule, while others will send you a recording of the footage after the event, or upload it to their website for you to watch when you want.