How to Make Your Daily Walk More Fun

You look out the window, the sky is grey and the trees are bare. For many, heading out on a daily walk is becoming less and less appealing, and finding the motivation to head out your front door for that much needed breath of fresh air can be a struggle.

Here are just a few ideas to help you rediscover your local area and make those daily walks just a little bit more interesting.

Flip a coin

Ideal if you’re walking with the kids, every time you reach a junction, flip a coin, either real or virtual. If it’s heads, go right, and if its tails, go left. You may end up discovering hidden gems in your neighbourhood that you didn’t even know existed.

 Go bird watching

You don’t have to be a nature enthusiast to enjoy a spot of bird watching. In winter, the air and trees can still be rife with bird life. Count how many different species you see on your walk, and keep a record so that you can compare on your next stroll. There will likely be more than you think.

Embrace the mud

Instead of the avoiding the muddy, waterlogged tracks, why not embrace them? Don your wellies and find the biggest puddles to jump into. Both children and adults can have a lot of fun, and it may open up more opportunities for different routes.

Call someone

Taking a walk is the perfect opportunity to call someone you usually wouldn’t have time to speak to. Walking and talking can be a real joy, and you never know, you might be making someone’s day.

Enjoy a treasure hunt

If you are walking with children, make up your own treasure hunt, such as collecting a certain amount of different items or following a pre-made treasure hunt. It won’t even feel like you’re exercising. Companies out there like Treasure Trails have made some great, printable treasure hunts in thousands of cities across the country. You’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll be able to get in.

Similarly, you could set challenges to take photos of some of the most notable things you spot on your walk, such as wildlife or beautiful scenery.

Find a new starting point

If your usual starting point for your walk is from home, drive to a different location like a nearby park or trail to keep things interesting. Following set walking trails can help to keep the walk engaging. Even walking your usual route in reverse can help to keep things fresh.

Listen while you walk

Podcast and audiobooks are a great way to keep your walks entertaining, and it can be something the whole family can enjoy. There are endless podcasts out there on a huge range of subjects, and audio books on platforms like Audible provide access to hours of storytelling. If you can’t find something to listen to, music can do the trick as well.

Whether you’re walking alone or with your household, you’ll always feel refreshed and agile when you step back in your front door. There are no end to the benefits of a walk outside, and with these helpful ideas, you can start enjoying and looking forward to them again.