Getting Back to School Ready – A Parent’s Guide

With the glorious sunny days almost behind us (we have had a few!) and the nights starting to draw in, a big event is looming on the horizon for families around the globe. Heading back to school in September is a big deal for many, and children can experience a real mix of emotions as that time approaches. Some may be really excited to see their friends and teachers again, while for others it can be a cause for concern or worry. We hope that these tips will help you get your child back to school ready.

The Bedtime Boot Camp

Sure your child might try to convince you that one more hour on the PlayStation is a good idea, or that midnight snacks and sleepovers should be a daily occurrence, but sadly it may be about time to start bringing back a little structure and routine.

The chances of going from a late bedtime to an early one in a matter of days is pretty slim, and those first weeks weeks of school can be pretty tough if sleep deprivation is thrown in the mix as well. Decide on an ideal bedtime and start to introduce it on the run up to school starting again, so it doesn’t come as a rather unwelcome surprise to your child. You may also want to dust off that alarm clock and begin the early wake ups around a week before the start of school as well. These early starts can then be rewarded with tasty breakfasts and trips to the park. Every family is different, but just remember consistence is key, and it won’t be long until a solid routine is established.

Growing Up is Exciting

Moving up through the school, or starting a new school, can be a very daunting experience. Instead of thinking about it as something scary and unknown, discuss with your child how exciting growing up can be. As pupils get older, a whole range of new experiences open up to them. Whether that’s simply the privilege of sitting on a bigger chair during assembly, or being able to take part in new and exciting extracurricular activities.

Lets Go Shopping

With a new school year comes an extensive list of ‘new’ things. Rather than just buying everything yourself, let your child be involved with the buying and choosing process. Even if this is as simple as picking out a special pencil case or notebook, chances are they will be excited to show it off and use it. Doing the pre-school shop can be one of the best ways to start building anticipation for the start of the new term, there is just something so enticing about a shiny new pen and fresh eraser.

The Discussion

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a taboo term. If your child is feeling anxious about starting a new year or a new school, find out what it is that is worrying them by asking them directly. Reassure your child that the feelings they are having are common, and will easily be overcome after they have settled in. Having a plan in place can help them feel more in control. Talk them through the process such as how you will drop them off, where they will eat their lunch, and the type of lessons they will have

If your child is still worried when it comes to starting in September, it may be worth letting the teacher know so they are aware of the situation.

A Fond Farewell to Summer

There is no question about it, summer is a special time. You may be tired and very ready for your child to return to school, but chances are you have been able to enjoy some quality, family time. On the last day of summer, why not have a big family night to bid a fond farewell to summer, ready to put your best foot forward and begin the next stage of the school adventure.