The Importance Of Science Week

British Science Week is one of the most popular educational weeks in Britain which aims to celebrate science, technology, engineering and maths and their importance in our everyday lives, with hopes of inspiring young people to engage and take up studies in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Science is important as it helps us to understand the world that we live in, and also provides solutions to problems in real life situations. For example, simply working out how much force is required to lift an object. It can be vital in highlighting current scientific issues our society is facing as well, for example raising awareness of the dangers of plastics to our oceans and marine life to encourage people to join the fight against plastic pollution. Science-related disciplines are also very important to the UK economy. The aerospace industry in the UK is one of the largest in the world, and the manufacturing industry accounting for a large proportion of the UK’s market value. So there is a real drive within the education system to show young people what is possible through science and the exciting careers and opportunities that these disciplines can present to them to encourage the development of future scientists.

The Oak-Tree Group of Schools took part in Science Week with a range of exciting activities.

Pupils at Oaklands and Normanhurst were very excited to have the opportunity to interact with and hold a variety of insects, birds and animals at ‘Get To Know Animals’, an indoor mini-petting zoo. The children were able to learn all about the animals, their territories and food preferences from the experienced rangers during the workshop.

Both schools also took part in ‘Silly Science Workshops’, where they went of a science tour of discovery, volunteering to help the energetic Professor with various engaging experiments. They looked at gravity, thrust, lift, pressure, chemical reactions, fire, molecules and, of course, bangs and blasts!

Oakland pupils took part in a series of workshops to learn about fossils and dinosaurs, and even got the chance to dig for their own fossils. They then got a big surprise when a huge T-Rex dinosaur visited them and they learned more about how he lived and what he ate, whilst having the chance to say hello to him.

Normanhurst pupils were treated to an array of activities; from making fantastic animal art, learning about how animals keep cool, a stimulating House Challenge every day and litter picking to help clean up the local environment to watching chicks hatch and witnessing the lifecycle of a butterfly.

The week was a great success with pupils expanding their scientific knowledge and of course, having fun!