The Benefits of a Private School: Teachers’ Inside Story

Coopersale Hall is a privately-owned independent school in Epping, and a member of The Oak-Tree Group of Schools. We spoke to four teachers who joined the school about the differences they have seen since exchanging a career in the state system for their new lives at Coopersale Hall.

What main differences have you seen between Coopersale Hall School and the state schools that you worked previously at?

“At Coopersale Hall, right from the Early Years level children are taught specialist subjects by specialist teachers. This helps their progress in Music, French, ICT and P.E.­ We have more resources available to us here and children at all levels are supported and stretched academically, even from a young age.”- Early Years Teacher

“As the school concentrates on a varied curriculum rather than training for SATS, there is less pressure for the children and pupils. We have increased staffing and resources to push the children, and we can see the benefits that this has on the pupils in not only their progress but their contentment in the classroom.”- Year 1 Teacher

“I came from an urban state school that had very little space. The grounds here are extensive. The children have so much more outdoor space and the specialist rooms for subjects such as the Music/Dance Studio, Science Block, Art Room and ICT Suite are hugely beneficial for the children.”- Year 2 Teacher

“Home-school relationships are outstanding here, which is so important for all children. With fewer children, more resources and more staff the school provides excellent pastoral care. As the children are prepared for senior school, rather than just to pass the SATs, their progress and well-being are always priorities.”- Year 6 Teacher

How have you found teaching at Coopersale Hall in comparison to your previous teaching position(s)?

“I have half the number of children in my class here as I did in my previous role so it is so much easier to provide 1 to 1 help and support. There are more resources for the children and we can identify any pupils with speech and language difficulties or other additional needs much faster.”- Early Years Teacher

“My class at Coopersale Hall is progressing so much faster than classes I’ve taught before. I think this is mainly due to being able to provide more individual attention to my pupils. We can work through topics much faster and we’re able to provide a much more varied education.”- Year 1 Teacher

“With a much smaller class I know all of my children’s strengths and weaknesses and can provide more individualised learning. Also, I have my own Teaching Assistant, which I’ve never had before, so I can really extend and support the children at different levels in their learning.”- Year 2 Teacher

“As I have fewer children in my class I can ensure that each child reaches their goals. They are often split into smaller groups to help them all excel. I get to know the children on a pastoral level as well as academic, which is vital in order to provide support and a bespoke education.”- Year 6 Teacher

The Oak-Tree Group of Schools consists of Braeside in Buckhurst Hill, Coopersale Hall in Epping, Normanhurst in North Chingford and Oaklands in Loughton.